• Wow...what a great morning! Two of the best worship experiences ever at BridgeWay.
  • The U2 Christmas series has been awesome!
  • Lots of transitions in this mornings worship experiences, and it was probably one of the smoothest we've ever had...all except for me forgetting to turn my mic on at 9:3o.
  • Chuck has the band playing at a whole notha' level right now.
  • Both U2 songs were tight at both 9:30 & 11. The lyrics for Walk On are some of the best that I've heard from U2. You should check them out.
  • The band's version of Barlow Girls version of "O Holy Night" was simply amazing...wow!
  • First time we've used a click track today, and everything came off great. The band needed extra instrumentation to pull of "Where the Streets Have No Name" so they used a click track to start the song...really came off well.
  • I broke my message up into two parts this morning. About 10 minutes early and then another 20 later (the 20 turned into 30...what is it with me?)
  • Really loved preaching from Matthew 1:18-25. Talked about in the light of what God was asking us to leave behind this Christmas, and what he was asking us to take with us.
  • Wrote the basic outline for the message in about 5 minutes...probably one of the easiest messages I've ever written...it just seemed to flow. Didn't really even have to look at the notes while preaching.
  • Been preaching from the "Andy Stanley pub table" the last few weeks, instead of using a music stand...so far I really like the change. Thinking about adding chair in the mix, but not sure...thoughts?
  • Inspired by the great response to our "Adopt A Family" project...tons of gifts in the lobby of the theater this morning!
  • Had a couple of people tell me they appreciate me sharing my own failures and shortcomings, rather than pretending to be perfect...definitely not an easy thing to do...believe me...especially the ones I shared today. You'll have to listen to the message if you want to find out what I'm talking about.
  • Getting really excited about our 2 Christmas Eve Worship Services at 4pm and 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. We've got just a few tickets left for both experiences...be sure to get yours next Sunday!
  • See you all on Sunday...be sure to bring someone with you!
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