• Pretty big Sunday at BridgeWay today.
  • Third week in our ADVANCE vision series.
  • I talked about the process that God uses to move us from our dreams to his destiny...to use Steven Furtick language "from God's promise to the payoff".
  • Missed having Chuck leading worship today. The band was still great, but there's something different when Chuck's not leading.
  • Thought that every song today really helped to communicate the theme of the day.
  • Loved getting to share all the stories from our Second Bless Back Project! I really loved that nearly every person added something to the money they received last Sunday!
  • Lots of guests at BridgeWay today...which is a good thing since we had about 100 regulars out this week! The Thanksgiving holiday and knowing it's a commitment Sunday for our vision initiative has a way of doing that...still had about 280 people in worship.
  • Speaking of commitments...I'm still waiting on the final numbers for our Advance Initiative to come in...we will have an actual final number after next Sunday when several of the people who were out this week have the chance to make their commitments.
  • We are praying that God would help us raise $30,000 over the next year to help launch our second campus in Pekin!
  • Got a pretty sad phone call from my family at the start of the 2nd worship experience. My grandmother who is in poor health had been admitted to the hospital and they were not sure if she would make it. She is still alive, but be praying for her and our family over the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Speaking of sad phone calls, I talked with a young lady after worship today who got a phone call at the end of the 2nd worship experience that her grandfather had passed away that morning...be praying for this young lady and her family...tough season to go through the loss of a loved one.
  • I think because of my grandmother's illness, we'll probably leave town a little early for Thanksgiving...hope you and your family have a great one!
  • Had a great meeting with a couple of pastors this week. It was a God thing and I love being a part of what God is doing.
  • Looking forward to our Christmas Series which starts next Sunday! It's a U2 Christmas...titled "Christmas...When Love Comes to Town"...it's going to be awesome....be sure to bring someone with you!
  • That's it...I got a splitting headache and need to take some ibuprofen!
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  1. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/11/sunday-night-reflections_23.html?showComment=1227583080000#c335380796922659959'> 21:18

    MAD CRAZY respect for you as a church planter. I love to read about God moving in the lives of people who are willing to chase the dreams God has for their lives. Keep bloggin man.


  2. Dale
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/11/sunday-night-reflections_23.html?showComment=1227708480000#c6402619598531889724'> 08:08

    Thanks for the love. I checked out your blog...very nice.


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