• This week's theme was "Intimacy". Powerful worship experiences at both 9:30 & 11:00.
  • My favorite week of our Soul Cravings series so far...you never go wrong when you get to talk about the love of God (next week might give it some competition...you'll have to come to see why).
  • Yes that was a shameless plug for next week's message titled "Awakening".
  • One thing I can tell you is that the band will be performing "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence.
  • Today was the first day we were able to actually get our set up done in time to do a complete service run-through using our new format...everything went great! I can really see how this is going to improve the quality of our worship experiences from a technical perspective.
  • Once the run-through was done I think everyone involved knew it was going to be a powerful morning.
  • Worship set for the day included: Friend of God, Never Let Go, The Love of God, Love Song to No One by John Mayer, and a new song called "How He Loves Us" by John Mark McMillan.
  • If you've hear "How He Loves Us" you know it's a powerful song...we did make one small lyrical change (still can't bring myself to sing "when heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss"...what is that about)
  • My favorite line in the song is "I don't have time to maintain these regrets, when I think about...the way...he loves us".
  • The band was smokin' as always...and Brit absolutely ripped up "How He Loves Us".
  • Matt did a great job casting some vision during the announcements...had some people pick up volunteer applications for Treasure Quest as a result...also quite a bit of buzz developing around our upcoming Vision Initiative "Advance".
  • Lots of requests for the "Brilliant" video we put together...Here's the link to it...it's a must watch.
  • I absolutely love talking about the love of God...I think the biggest reason that people fail to experience intimacy in their lives is their inability to truly experience the unconditional love of God in their lives.
  • I about lost it telling the story of rushing to pick up Brenna at the bus stop...great picture of doing whatever it takes to make sure that your child knows you love them.
  • One of the points I shared today was that God's Love COVERS Your Sin. While that's not all that Jesus did on the cross it is one part of what he did for us. To illustrate this I shared a pretty long list of sins that God's love covers. I'll post that in another post....had several people ask for it after both worship experiences.
  • Lots of guests at BridgeWay today. Got to meet a couple of new families and they all seemed to be visibly impacted by their experience.
  • Good crowd for both worship experiences...I was told we were just shy of 300 today...and averaged 337 for the month...definite growth issues that we will be addressing in the near future.
  • Got to go to Chipolte with our friends Kevin and Niki after church today...Kevin even spotted me some burrito bucks to help cover our lunch...thanks man!
  • Pray for me this week. I've got a couple of big meetings that could have a profound impact on the future of BridgeWay.
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