1.  I’m excited for this weekend.  I’ll be spending 48 hours with Steph focusing on our marriage.  We’ll be attending United Marriage Encounter with several other couples from central Illinois.  I really want to model the importance of focusing on your marriage for my kids and our church.
2.  I’m really looking forward to our next series called “Advance”.  This is our annual vision initiative and we’ll be casting the vision for the next year at BridgeWay.  You do not want to miss a week of this series!  Big things coming.
3.  I’m reviewing several of the applications we’ve received for our Leadership Team.  One of the biggest challenges facing BridgeWay is the need to develop leaders.  I believe that everything rises and falls on leadership.  I’m praying for wisdom and discernment in this whole process.
4.  I’m really pumped to get a chance to see this guy at this church at this event!

5.  Equally excited to be going to a couple of great churches next month to learn how to better lead BridgeWay.  Our staff will be going to this church to meet with their staff on November 19th.  Then spending the next day at this event, at this church.  Looking forward to a great next month.

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