• Really enjoyed the Elephant in the Church series. Today's message on Practical Atheism was suprizingly one of the tougher topics to address.
  • One reason why it's tough to address is that it finds it's origins in the Problem of Evil or to use a big church word "theodicy". And it is difficult to adequately deal with such an overwhelming topic in 30 minutes on a Sunday morning.
  • I really hope that we are developing a church that understands what it means to love and follow God in both the good and the bad times.
  • To trust God means to trust him whether he catches you or not.
  • Lots of good feedback on the "Trust Fall" video clip by a group called "One Time Blind".
  • Also a big shout out to my buddy Tim Gates for overnighting me the video of the galaxy that I used in today's message.
  • In case you haven't heard the Student Ministry at BridgeWay has changed it's name from "The Net" to "Switch"...if you've got teenagers be sure they check it out on Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm at the BridgeWay Ministry Center.
  • Tons of new people at BridgeWay today! It's always great to see people sharing what God is doing at BridgeWay with others.
  • Totally pumped up about Party in the Park next Sunday, October 5th at 11am!
  • Though it's not going to happen, remember the rain date is October 12th at 11am, and if it does rain we will have just 1 worship experience at 11am at the Theater.
  • Watch the BridgeWay website for up to the minute information on Party in the Park.
  • Still blown away to be baptizing 34 people next Sunday morning.
  • Even with a number of leadership families out we still had well over 290 in worship! That's up about 100 over last year...let's see if we can't get over 500 to join us for Party in the Park!
  • Can't wait to see you all next week!
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