• It's been a pretty crazy week around BridgeWay this week, not just for me, but for all of our church staff...thanks to all of you and to all of our volunteer leaders to who make BridgeWay happen!
  • Before I get into my Sunday Reflections, a couple of quick thoughts about yesterday.
  • Saturday was the Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade. It had rained all weekend, but cleared off for 3 hours for the parade...pretty cool! Thanks to everyone who worked on, walked with, and helped to make our entry happen.
  • Congratulations to Mike Brosheres and Debbie Hill who were married Saturday afternoon. Saturday, I walked in the parade from 10am - noon and then rushed to the BridgeWay Ministry Center for their 1pm wedding. It was also awesome to get to meet some of Mike and Debbie's great friends and family.
  • Got a call from Connie Borth last night that Chris wouldn't be able to make it this morning because there basement was flooding and the water wasn't stopping...this is a story that would be repeated throughout the next 20 hours for several of our BridgeWay family.
  • I think we actually had around 30 people out today because of flooded basements! Yuck!
  • We had a little water in ours and spent the afternoon with a Wet Dry Vac and several fans.
  • Basements weren't the only thing flooding...we had one of our children's theaters at the Morton Cinemas that was flooded and had to move the class to a hallway...actually worked great!
  • I love our team's ability to roll with the punches.
  • Made sure to bring my raincoat for set-up today...gave it to Matt because the guy works so hard to make our set up happen...raincoats are essential church planting gear.
  • After getting everything setup this morning in the rain and covering all of our volunteer holes...we had a great morning at BridgeWay!
  • It was week 2 in our Elephant in the Church series, and I preached on Sex! Very well received...I've found that people appreciate it when we tackle the tough topics.
  • Great video for Craig Groschele to close the service. Several people (and I by that I mean at lest 4) asked for the reference to the verse Craig quoted...here it is...Job 11:13-16.
  • I received a great third-hand compliment after worship today when Matt told me that one of our small group leaders said that he really felt like I cared about the people I was preaching to when I was preaching...that's a great compliment that means alot!
  • The band did two really great new songs today..."Love is Here" by Tenth Avenue North and "Let God Arise" by Chris Tomlin.
  • Connection Groups have been a great start to our Fall Small Group Semester at BridgeWay. Matt has done a great job organizing everything and training our new group leaders. Great energy tonight...I really enjoy our group.
  • Excited about our worship ministries meeting Tuesday night to talk about some of the upcoming improvements we are making to our Creative Team Process.
  • Looking forward to taking tomorrow off since it was such a nuts week last week.
  • Don't miss next Sunday when we talk about "The Guilty Elephant"...it's going to be great!
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