• Amazing morning at BridgeWay!
  • Loved being back after being gone the last two weeks.
  • Vacation was awesome, but it was time to be back and preaching again.
  • Absolutely love preaching on baptism. Any day I get to preach on Jesus and what he has done for us is a good day.
  • Great sense of the Spirit during both services...especially the 9:30 service.
  • We had 21 people commit their lives to Jesus Christ today! Several adults, but even more children and teenagers!
  • I pray that all of the children and teenagers who come into contact with BridgeWay's ministry would come to faith in Christ at an early age...it will save them from a ton of pain and hurt in the future!
  • Awesome to have Britney singing again at BridgeWay! That girls has got some serious pipes!
  • The band was great during both services...man they have stepped it up and taken it to another level over the last couple of months...look out fall!
  • Couldn't have found a better song for reflecting on today's message than "And Now My Lifesong Sings" by Casting Crowns...that song makes me cry every time.
  • I read a reading called the "anti-psalm 23" today...I'll post it on my blog later this week. Too many of us see life from this perspective.
  • Great crowd at BridgeWay for Labor Day Weekend...easily over 250 or 260.
  • Don't miss next week's kickoff to our next series "The Elephant in the Church"...be sure to invite someone to come with you...lets see if we can get over 300 people to at least one service in the series.
  • Speaking of inviting people...start thinking about everyone you'll invite to Party in the Park on October 5th! Invites will be available by mid-September.
  • Really wanting to buy the new Coldplay album. Also wanting to get the new 3 Doors Down..."It's Not My Time" is stuck in my head...pretty sure we'll be doing that one in the near future.
  • It was great having my youngest sister Cheryl in worship with us for the 11:00 worship experience. I love my sister and wish we got to see each other more often.
  • Have a great week!
  • Can't wait to see you all next Sunday!
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