I'm uber-excited about our upcoming Fall Kickoff Series: The Elephant in the Church!

Invite cards are going out this week. Be sure to invite someone to come with you to each week of the series!

Churches are often full of people—and sometimes, elephants. With the help of National Community Church we've found a number of different elephants in the church that need addressing. It's time we loosened up and talked about the issues that are so often avoided by the church-at-large.

BridgeWay Communtiy Church is ready to roll. It is time to throw off the gloves and tackle the issues that everyone thinks about, but never discusses. During this four-week series, we'll talk candidly about the issues that plague us, the topics that confuse us and the questions that intrigue us. We believe that something special happens in the course of this dialogue. And we want to share that with you.
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