Bill Hybels - While I've never met him in person, his passion for reaching those outside of the church with the message of Jesus Christ has ruined me. I could never do church just to do church. The church must always be a church on a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Craig Groeschel - This guy I have met...this past February I had a chance encounter with him at an airport in Atlanta. He has challenged me to be innovative, relevant, and creative...and to raise the evangelistic intensity of our weekend experiences. Since making some minor changes in the way we present the gospel at BridgeWay we've went from seeing about 3 people a month accept Christ to nearly 12!

John Maxwell - The godfather of modern church leadership writings. His most famous line is, "It all rises and falls on leadership" certainly does...thanks for the reminder John.

Steven Furtick - The newest leader on my list (thus the plus 1). He pastors a 3 year old church plant that has grown from 16 to over 4,000. He has taught me to focus on people, to always act boldly, and to allow God to accomplish more than I had ever dreamed possible.
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