Focus Seminars - I attended this as a sophomore at Mid-America Nazarene University. It was a weekend long high impact group counseling seminar designed to help you overcome negative thinking and behavior patterns. As a result of this weekend I began to really believe that God wanted to do something significant through my life.

A2 Conference @ Willow Creek - It was while I was at A2 that God began to enlarge my vision of what God wanted to do through BridgeWay. I began to hear God calling us to truly transform the spiritual landscape of Tazewell county, and not just be another contemporary church for Christians.

Being Called Out by my Father - January of 1995 I was far from God and making a mess of my life. I prayed to a God I hadn't talked to in over 2 years and asked him to give me a wake up call...that is if he was even real. 2 hours later my very non-confrontational father has a very frank conversation with me about my spiritual state and the direction of my life...I'd call that a wake up call...6 months later I was enrolled in college in Kansas preparing for the ministry. Thanks Dad!
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