Here are some of my thoughts from Acts 4-7:

Acts 4:3-4 Leaders often have to suffer persecution in order to see great impact.
Acts 4:12 Jesus really is the source of our salvation.
Acts 4:13 It was because they had been with Jesus that ordinary people were able to do extraordinary things.
Acts 4:20 I have to share what God has done for me, I can't keep quite.
Acts 4:31 I want to speak the word of God boldly.
Acts 4:35 Now that's how the church is supposed to work.
Acts 5:14 The early church was always growing...I don't understand why people don't want the church to grow. Now way we should know everyone in the church...but everyone should know Jesus.
Acts 5:29 I love this verse, "We must obey God rather than men!"
Acts 5:38 Gamaliel was one smart dude.
Acts 5:41 I pray that I'm worthy of suffering disgrace for the name of Jesus.
Acts 6:2-4 My top priorities as a pastor are: prayer & the word.
Acts 6:7 The church just kept growing...sorry all of you who want a small just isn't biblical.
Acts 6:14 This verse has so much application today. So many people are worried about changing their customs and traditions, and forget about preaching Jesus.
Acts 7:48 We don't need a building to worship God.
Acts 7:51 God don't let me become resistant to your Holy Spirit.
Acts 7:60 Help me to have this same attitude of forgiveness when people wrong me.
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