The second chapter of Acts is one of the all time great chapters in the Bible. If there were a steel-cage death match between the second chapter of Acts and John chapter 15 (see this post to see what I'm talking about) I'm not sure who would come out on top.
  • vs. 18 I love that God's Spirit is not concerned with whether you are a dude or a dudette.
  • vs. 37 Hearing God's word usually leads to being "cut to the heart"...or conviction. I pray that God will "cut me to the heart" regularly through his word. It's the only way to get the junk out that doesn't belong in my life.
  • vs. 38 Peter says to, "repent & be baptized". I know a lot of people who have been baptized, but have never learned the discipline of repentance. Sometimes I think "Christians" are the worst repenters.
  • vs. 47 The church should be a place where people are coming to know Jesus every week, not just once or twice a year. God should be adding to our number daily...not occasionally.
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