I love our church! What a great morning of celebration. Here's what's on my mind today:
  • I loved seeing just a handful of people stand who were at our very first service 3 years ago...Wow...if God can do that in 3 years...what's he going to do in the next 3!
  • Lots of first and second time guests today...I pray God helps us to connect them to him and to the church...Hope to meet many of you personally in the next few weeks!
  • What a great spirit during the music today! God's presence was really obvious in our worship today!
  • Wow, I'm using a lot of exclamation points!
  • Our children's ministry team did a great job today. In less than ideal circumstances...they rolled with the punches and did a fantastic job teaching our children!
  • We had 10 infants in the nursery today...crazy...Thanks for holding babies today: Adam, Laura, Connie & whoever else I'm missing here.
  • I loved getting to share about the 3 things that will not change at BridgeWay: Everyone is Welcome...Everyone is Important...Everyone is Training to become like Jesus...and most importantly....It's all about Jesus!
  • Excited to be traveling to Atlanta for the Evolve Conference tomorrow morning. Exited for the confernece and 60 degree temps...not excited about getting up at 4am to catch my flight...yuck!

I'll try to keep up with my posting on John while I'm away this week...I'll also try to send some pictures and updates from the conference...Have a great week!

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