Wow...what a day...after getting a call at 3:30am this morning that my flight had been cancelled, I quickly called Delta to reschedule to fly out of Bloomington instead of Peoria...I was able to fly standby and got the last seat availible on the 6am out of that was now I'm getting ready for bed and wanted to jot down some thoughts from today for all ya'll back home.

Session 1: Shawn Lovejoy
  • Healthy Leaders breed healthy churches.
  • An undisciplined life leads to an unhealthy life.
  • Self-discipline gives us authority with people.
  • If I don't become physically disciplined, God can still use me, but probably not much past about 40 years old...because I'll probably be dead.

Breakout 1: Gary Lamb (Eliminating Portability as an Excuse)

  1. If you have a portability issue, you have a vision issue...people only complain about portability if you don't cast a compelling vision for being portable....great stuff!
  2. Eliminating excuses starts with you!
  3. Don't build to soon...the shoe shouldn't tell the foot how big it can get.
  4. You've got to spend money to be good stuff that makes set up & tear down easier.
  5. Keep it simple...partner with a group like Portable Churches (who just happened to be the group that sponsored my trip to Atlanta...thanks Portable Churches)
  6. Learn from Others How to Be Portable...visit other portable churches.
  7. Staff for Portability...expect that every ministry leader take responsibility for their set up team and area...they shouldn't do it...they should equip the team to do it.
  8. Get Creative...multi-site...create a draw to the early service like free breakfast...some churches have used portable classrooms on name it.
  9. Plan for Problems...they will ready...roll with it.
  10. Cast the Vision for Portability...why do we do this's where the most unchurched people are...duhh...
  11. Enjoy'll look back fondly on your time as a portable church someday...
  12. Think about buying a used U-haul truck...they got theirs for $3,500!!!

Session 2: Steven Furtick

  • All I can say is wow! This dude was great...check out what he had to say:
  • Are we trusting God to do more in a moment that we could on our own in a lifetime?
  • Scary quote of the day, "I dispaired at the thought that life might pass me by without experiencing the hand of God moving greatly upon my life."
  • The journey from the Promise of God to the Payoff of that Promise always involves a Painful Process...great truth!
  • Courageous Leadership is not the product of "cut and paste" minsitry, it must be born from the inside out!
  • You can't mimic anyone else's miracle.
  • Size up your situation and pray for God's Miracle for that situation.
  • The difference between a day dream and a burning vision is the audacity to act!

God's definitely messing me up down here...sorry I didn't blog on John 11...okay you convinced's a few thoughts:

  • I can understand Mary and Martha's frustration at Jesus for not showing up when they called for him to many times do we want God to show up according to our plans and our desires?
  • I love verse 44, "Take off the grave clothes and let him go..." I think a lot of people are walking around in grave clothes and need to take them off and live in the new life that God has given them.

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1 Response to 'Evolve Conference Thoughts'

  1. Rick'> 08:17

    Sounds like you are benfitting greatly by being there and that our bodu of believers are going to benefit as well from it. Sorry to hear about your trouble getting there, but thankful that God was able to work it all out.
    I loved the statement about the difference between a day dream and a burning vision is audacious action.
    I enjoyed in John 11 in verse 14 and 15 that Jesus obviously knew the outcome of things and that it was in the diciples and Mary and Martha's best interest that he not go with them. It gives great comfort knowing that God knows what is best for us even when we think that we know so much what would be better for us. Thankfully He is patient with us and doesn't reject us for our stupid actions and sometimes disobedience.


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