Several verses really jumped off the page at me today. The great thing is many of them I'm seeing in a new way today....that's one of the things I love about the Bible. I can read the same passage 10-15 times and every time it can become new to me. Anyway, here are some of my reflections:
  • Verse 5: I like Jesus' mother's words to the servants. "Do whatever he tell you." I think that's good advice for us today.
  • Verse 6: I think it's interesting that John decided to add the comment, "the kind used for ceremonial washing" when refering to the kind of containers that held the water. I'm wondering if this wasn't a reference to the religious leaders of the day. (lots of thoughts on this...too many to write here)
  • Verses 13-16: Okay so I think a lot of people see Jesus as this nice pleasant guy who teaches a lot, hangs out with little kids, fishes a little, and helps old ladies across the street. I love that John opens up his first two chapters about the life of Jesus by showing him making wine at a wedding, and then making a whip and thrown' down at the temple. Not really the Mr. Rogers Jesus that so many of us have been taught about is he? I might have to preach a series on "the real Jesus"...hmmm....

Okay, I've got more thoughts, but I'll be interested to hear yours...bring 'em on....

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4 Response to 'John 2 Reflections'

  1. Rick'> 10:22

    I thought it interesting that Jesus had just had the conversation with Nathanael three days previous and told him that he hadn't seen anything yet. Then it was Mary who pushed Jesus into beginning His first miracle. It makes me wonder if her mother's intuition had anything to do with that? In fact in the Message translation, Jesus tells her "Don't push me." Soon after that encounter Jesus is in the Temple turning tables over and getting peoples attention. This may be direction to us to encourage people to get involved as well as getting more involved ourselves.


  2. Greg'> 18:53

    Ok you said bring it so here goes. :) I all most opted out of participating in sharing my reflections of this chapter based on my personal history. I personally have a little bit of an issue with the mass quantities of wine consumed at the wedding. Coupled with part of verse 10 "after the guests have had too much to drink." I remember reading this several times and each time it leaving me with the same uncertainty. Obviously this could be a very controversial part of this chapter. Again this is my personal reflection. I am trying not to judge anyone that consumes alcohol. Perhaps I wouldn't have these feelings if my personal history was different. Dale this would be a good one for you and I to discuss one on one. I’m looking forward to the remaining chapters. : )

    On the lighter side I'm digging on your thought of a possible series on the real Jesus! I think that could greatly increase one's relationship with Christ.


  3. Dale'> 19:12

    Greg, really glad you brought up the question about why Jesus first miracle would be at a wedding...and why so much wine. A couple of thoughts here:

    1. The miracle is less about the wine and the is more about the ceremonial water being "brought to life" so to speak. Jesus talks about not coming to destroy the law, but to fullfill the law. I think this miracle is a picture of what Jesus came to do.

    2. I also think that it's also important to note that based on other scriptures, both in the OT and the NT, it is clear that drunkenness is seen as then clearly Jesus goal here was not to get people drunk. The host's comment "after the guest have had too much to drink" is a comment that refers to what typically happens, not what was specificly happening in this case.

    * I'd love to continue this conversation one on one...also, I'm going to be doing the Q&A series that I did last summer again this year, and this would be a great question to address in that series...thanks for you contribution to this dialogue.


  4. Chris'> 00:10

    I felt it quite interesting that Jesus pointed out to his mother that it wasnt his time. I mean this is the savior of the world here. It makes me realize more so how crucial timing is sometimes. We tend to get in such a hurry in life pushing ourselves into situations that we feel are good, or helpful. But maybe we need to stop and reflect a bit and ask our self "Is it my time"


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