So now that I got through the weekend, and because there is absolutely nothing on TV worth watching tonight, I'm taking a few minutes to post my notes from Day 2 of the Evolve Conference:

Main Session #3 Darrin Patrick (Spiritual Leadership)

  • I don't think Jesus wants us to lose our souls in order to grow a big church.
  • All of life is repentance.
  • We need to call people to repentance as spiritual leaders.
  • Pastors are terrible repenters.
  • Regret is the counterfeit of repentance.
  • Don't just repent, repent deeply.
  • Your people will become like you...if you don't repent...they will not repent.
  • I want to be know as a good repenter.

Breakout Session #2 Bil Cornelius (Preaching to the Disconnected)

  • Speak positive about your church...if you don't like, no one else will either.
  • Whatever your "churchy" critics are knocking you more of that.
  • You don't want numbers, you want raving fans.
  • Adjust your growth engine to the size of your church.
  • Hire someone who can manage daily operations and free you to teach & lead.
  • Don't hold your best stuff for the future...use what you've got...or lose it.

How to preach to the disconnected:

  1. Be excited about your sermon.
  2. Be current.
  3. Be positive. (ask, "how can I say this in a positive way?")
  4. Strengthen & Encourage people.
  5. Assume everyone in your church has never opened a Bible.
  6. Use stories, sets, and props (creativity is not expensive).
  7. Use as much humor as you can.
  8. Talk about subjects people are already talking about.
  9. Preach topically if you can...or make your exposition topical.

Main Session #4: Mark Batterson (The Secure Leader)

  • I pray for the favor of God more than anything.
  • I want God to do something so big through me that I can't take the credit for it.
  • Your insecurities will undercut God's authority to use you powerfully.
  • People who think little of themselves will build monuments to themselves.
  • Insecurity will lead to immaturity in your people.
  • 1st Samuel 14:45 (Saul built an altar to God)
  • 1st Samuel 15:10-12 (Saul built a monument to himself)

How to Develop as a Secure Leader:

  1. Don't play the comparison game.
  2. Don't define success with numbers.
  3. Celebrate your failures.
  4. Don't panic when things get tough.
  5. Don't get defensive when under attack.
  6. Get the right people around you.
  7. Keep building altars to God.

Breakout #3: Casey & Louie (Small Group Structures)

5 Transferable Principles

  1. Recruit Leaders
  2. Train Leaders
  3. Connect Leaders to Groups
  4. Support Leaders
  5. Monitor Leaders
  • The key is to have a process for each of these five areas.
  • The goal is not reproducing is reproducing leaders.
  • The Small Group system is more for leadership development than anything else.

Questions for qualifying leaders:

  1. Do they share the vision?
  2. Are they relationally savvy?
  3. Are they FAT? (Faithful, Available, Teachable)

Training Points:

  • Train more on vision than on how to.
  • Remind them why we do what we do.
  • Pour into them relationally and spiritually.
  • Have a don't need a perfect plan, just work your plan.

Their plan:

  1. Leader Orientation (prior to semester start)
  2. Semester Kickoffs (fun, vision, and how to)
  3. Mid Semester Rallies (awards, encouragement, games like dodge ball...seriously)
  • Create a simple step to help people connect in groups.
  • Leverage weekend services to promote and connect.
  • The best way to support leaders is to simply be available.
  • Have weekly touch with leaders (e-mail, blog)
  • Have a reporting process (attendance, and stories of what's happening)

* I loved this session...very helpful stuff!

Main Session #5: Bil Cornelious (The Resilient Leader)

  1. Sees in every difficulty an equal and opposite opportunity.
  2. Focuses on the Goal, not the Pain.
  3. Leads as if the fruit is already there.
  4. Understands the need to be faithful and applies diligence. (prayer, thinking, action)
  5. Creates a culture of loyalty.
  6. Finds confidence in their calling & who they are in Christ.
  • The miracle is not that we can believe in God, it is that God believes in us!

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