Great day at BridgeWay this morning. We kicked off the New Year by launching a new series called God at the Moives. Some of my reflections of the day:
  • I've been feeling like junk since Thursday. I went to the doctor on Thursday morning and told her that I felt like I was getting strep...sore throat, sinus congestion, and neck pain. She did a rapid culture and it came back negative. I her that I'd like to get a prescrition anyway because I would be with people all weekend. She politely told me that she only wrote prescriptions with a positive test. So they sent the test in for a 24 hour culture and sent me on my way...they finally called back Saturday afternoon to tell me that I had strep! Yup all that to say...It really stinks to preach with strep throat and not being able to hear out of your right ear...yuck!
  • Regardless of all of that...God really was at work in our serivce today! We had 4 people accept Jesus Christ today as their Savior and as the Author of their lives!
  • The band did a great job once again. They did an awesome version of Salvador's "Can You Feel the Supernatural"...even without the horns...they tore this song up!
  • I preached on making God the Author of your life today...I think most of us are pretty cool with accepting Jesus as the Savior of our lives, but most of us struggle to hand him the Authorship of our lives.
  • The movie Stranger Than Fiction was the metaphor for the day...what a powerful film and what a powerful and Biblical metaphor for giving God control of our lives.
  • I'm super excited about the next three weeks of this series. Next week I'll be using The Pursuit of Happyness to illustrate my don't want to miss it!
  • I'm tired...I spent Friday preparing for a major interview with a potential staff member and them all day Saturday interviewing them and finishing the final prep for todays message....doing that and preaching while sick has made me very sleepy...that and the exceptionally boring NFL playoff games from today...Good Night All...

See ya next Sunday!

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