It just keeps getting better! If you were at BridgeWay this morning you know exactly what I'm talking about. We had a huge crowd for the middle of January this morning, but even better than that we had a powerful worship experience today. Here are some of my quick hit thoughts:
  • We closed out our God at the Movies series this morning with the movie Transformers and talked about deep changes that God wants to make in our lives. I am both happy and sad to see this series end. I'm happy because it is the most difficult and time consuming message for me to prepare for...each week I've spent between 25-28 hours watching the film, looking for spiritual truths, and then finding Scripture that speaks to those truths. That doesn't even include the 5-7 hours each week that Chris Borth has put in editing the clips down for us to use each week. I'll be glad to get back to my normal 15-20 hours of sermon prep, and I'm pretty sure that Chris is glad to be done too. I'm sad because it has been one of the most powerful series that I've ever taught, and God has really used it to help our church reach out to others.
  • Speaking of reaching out...Last week we had 216 people in worship and the place was packed...this morning when I stood up to welcome people to worship we were filling up again, and had to ask people to move forward and in to make room for others to have seats! I got the count this afternoon and we had 241 people in worship today! I'm excited to see what God has for us this year at BridgeWay!
  • The band did a fantastic job leading us in worship this guys get better every week!
  • I did something this morning that I don't do very often. I preached my message for about the first 10 minutes and after the second clip from Transformers I felt led to make a clear presentation of the gospel. It was totally God leading, and the power of God's presence during this part of the service was unbelievable. I know that there were people who accepted Christ for the first time today!
  • We had nearly 40 first time guest this morning! That's right 40 people who visited BridgeWay for the first time this morning!
  • I am blown away by the number of people at BridgeWay to took the opportunity to invite a friend, co-worker, or family member to worship! Thanks for doing your part in reaching your world for Jesus Christ.
  • Can't wait until next week at BridgeWay. We're kicking off a new series called Old School and you will definitely want to show up early to get a seat, and bring a friend with you. Let's see if we can't fill this place up next week!
  • I love doing what God created me to do! I hope you find the same joy!
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  1. Rick'> 06:56

    God's presence was sooooo obvious yesterday in worship. Especially during the time that you spoke about in your blog. The excitement level was high and all in all it was a great day of worship. I had guessed 240 in attendance and there were many requests for CD's of the series. God is doing wonderful things at BridgeWay and I think we'll be running very fast in order to keep up with Him.


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