It is nearly impossible to teach someone to do something that you haven't done yourself. Think about it.
  • Driving a Car.
  • Using a Computer.
  • Raising Children.
  • Communicating Effectively.
  • Reading and Applying Scripture.
If you're going to teach someone to do something that they have never done, you'd better have some experience. But not that much experience.

You don't have to be literate in C++, CSS, or HTML to teach someone how to use a word processor. You don't have to know how to pull a transmission to teach your kid to drive. You've just got to know the basics.

The same is true in learning to study the Bible or passing that skill on to someone else. You really only have to be one or two steps ahead of whoever you're training. That's why I'm so excited about our upcoming series "Old School". We're going to be teaching you how to do some basic things that will help you to grow, but also equip you to help others grow. Basically, we're helping you take your next step spiritually, so you can be one step ahead of whoever God is calling you to lead.
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