What a fantastic morning at BridgeWay! I am totally pumped that Christmas is just 26 hours away! Here are some thoughts from today:
  • Tons of guests today at BridgeWay...lots of family...lots of people who were checking us out for the first time...come back next week for a truely unique service.
  • I presented the clearest gospel presentation of my life today...I could really sense God working in people's lives during the message.
  • The band was rediculously good today...especially the two Christmas Songs.
  • What I Want For Christmas was an awesome song to kick off our Christmas service with.
  • Go Tell It On The Mountain blew the doors off of the theater! I wanted to do it again to close the service, but we were running short on time because of an early movie.
  • Chuck played a new song he wrote this past week for me before the service this morning...all I can say is wow! It's based on a message I preached a couple weeks ago about sitting at the feet of Jesus...don't miss our Christmas Eve service Monday night at 6p.m. Chuck's going to play it during communion. You don't want to miss it!
  • That's it...I'm going to bed!
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