• What a great day! Today, we closed our series on "Dealing with Difficult People" by talking about dealing with manipulative people.
  • The band was great once again, especially the songs "Jesus Bring the Rain"...when the song was over, you knew you had heard from God.
  • We had 5 people accept Christ today! This is what we are about...connecting people to God!
  • I'm super psyched for the Hush Series....We now have 9 small groups getting ready to meet weekly during the series...if you're not in a group...there's still time to sign up...shoot...just show up at mine next Sunday night at 6 p.m. if nothing else.
  • I'm also excited about calling our church to 40 days of prayer....imagine what God will do if all of us will take just 4 minutes a day to pray for the next 40 days...that's 800 minutes/13+ hours a day of prayer each day....That's 533 hours of prayer over 40 days! Let's commit to seek God's direction over the next 40 days.
  • Finally, I walked through the space in the Field Center that we will be leasing for our offices, youth and family ministry space after worship today. They are almost done with the demo and clean-up....we should take possession this week!
  • We need everyone to help get this space ready for ministry. We will need skilled volunteers for building walls, finishing floors, painting, and cleaning. If you can do any of these...let us know and we will get you involved.
  • Finally, we need to raise between $5,000 -$10,000 to complete the build out of the ministry space. Please pray about how God would have you to give to make this space a reality. Together we can make this a reality!
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