I'm constantly blown away by the way that God chooses to work when we give him room opperate. Having pastored BridgeWay for almost 2 years and seen nearly 200 people make it their church home. It shouldn't supprise me when God does something as neat as he did Sunday. We had considered only doing one showing of the Nativity Story, but decided to go with 2 so that God would be able to move and impact more people. As a result we had nearly 450 people attend one of the two showings this past Sunday. Nearly 40% did not have a church home. I'm amazed over and over again at what happens when our church chooses to reach out and follow Jesus direction to "give to others". Our church does not exist for ourselves, it exists for people outside of our church. God never blesses us for our own benefit it is alway for the benefit of others. Just look at God's promise to Abram in Genesis 12 "I will bless you, and all the people of the world will be blessed through you." God always blesses us for the benefit of others. Be a blessing to someone else this week.

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