Had to make a deal with Steph last night to go to the Holiday Tournament. It went something like this...Steph would watch the kids last night while I went to the game with some friends, if today I would watch the kids while she went out to lunch with a friend. Fair deal right?

Not so much...

Got home at about noon and took over for Steph...she leaves to go to lunch with her friend...all is well so far...then it all falls apart.

Made Mac and Cheese for lunch...kids hated it.
Ordered Jimmy Johns...put sprouts on my daughters sub...big trouble.
Laid Mia down for a nap...that was alright
2 minutes later..."dad, we've got a problem" shouted up from the kitchen
I turn to see my middle child walking towards me with "poo covering her hands"
Spent the next half hour cleaning walls and my daughter.
Steph just got home.
The kids are napping
All is calm
I'm headed back to the office
Thanks Steph
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