What a great day Sunday! I've been reflecting a lot lately on our worship services and can not get away from the fact that they have been some of the best corporate worship experiences of my life. God's Spirit has been obvious in every one of them, and I'm overwhelmed to say the least with the way people have been responding in worship.

The whole reason we started BridgeWay was to see lives changed, and to witness people connecting to a God who loves them, and people who want to become more like him. I have to tell you, after what I've seen the last few weeks it is happening. To have the honor to baptize 8 people, including my oldest daughter, is overwhelming. Many churches don't baptize 8 people in 8 years, let alone one service. God is at work...

I hope that as our people continue to sense God's persence in worship and see lives changed that they will become even more excited about sharing about what God is doing at BridgeWay. I really believe that God is going to do something huge through our church if we will let him.
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