• I'm loving this Plan B series...great topic, strong messages every week, and some of the best worship sets we've done.
  • The band was great today covering, Natalie Grant's "Held"...and doing the full version of "Glory to God Forever by Fee...as well as "Everlasting God" and "Never Let Go"...great stuff.
  • Matt preached for me this week...just to be honest...I was supposed to preach, but had several meetings and unexpected situations come up and so he preached and did a fantastic job.
  • Some of my takeaways from this Sunday's message:
    • Sometimes it's hard to see God's perspective through our pain.
    • Make sure that your god is God...lots of us worship things like our health, families, jobs, or finances; and if they go bad so does our faith.
    • God sees the eternal, we focus on the temporary.
    • My favorite takeaway was, "God loves people so much that He will allow people who he loves very much to experience pain, so that people who he loves very much who do not know Him, can spend eternity with him."
  • Matt's also on the slate for next Sunday...as we'll be commissioning our Fishers, IN church plant team...very exciting stuff!
  • If you have been impacted by BridgeWay, and/or Matt's minsitry...please don't miss next Sunday!
  • The Bears play at 1pm CST...so no excuses for not joining us next week! ;)
  • I was actually slightly surprised that we had as strong of a crowd as we did today with the Bears playing at noon...but both services were really full and we probably saw around 450 in worship again.
  • We kicked off our "I'm a Christian Now What?" class this past Wednesday...if you didn't get into this first group...be sure to sign up for the next one this summer!
  • LifeGroups are kicking off in February...if you're not in a group yet, be sure to sign up online at www.bwcc.tv by clicking on "Get Involved".
  • Looking forward to getting alone with God on Thursday and Friday this week for a time of prayer, planning, and sermon preparation...I'll be working on my teaching calendar for the rest of 2011.
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