• Pretty pumped about the second week of our Christmas series "A Guerrilla Lovers Guide to Christmas".
  • We're going all out this Christmas to impact the 67 and the 20!
  • That's the 67% of people who are disconnected from Jesus globally and the 20% of people living in extreme poverty...many of them right here in central Illinois!
  • Tons of cool stuff happened at BridgeWay today...if you missed it trust me when I say, "you don't want to miss another service this month."
  • Great version of "We Unite" by band to kick off today's service!  Love love love that song!
  • Really strong worship set today as well...man people were really singing out both services during "Son of God" and "Our God"!
  • Anytime you can include clips from "Blues Brothers" in your service you know it's going to be a good day.
  • Loved getting to share that another church in Texas has joined in the Guerrilla Lovers Revolution this Christmas.
  • It was great having Sheree Lyles from Southside Mission with us for both services.  You can find out more information about Southside Mission on their website.
  • We closed out both services by doing our 3rd Bless Back project...we gave the equivalent of our first offering ever as a church back to our congregation and challenged them to invest the money over the next few weeks and to bring what they raise back on Christmas Eve as a part of our Guerrilla Lovers Offering....looking forward to hearing the stories from this one!
  • If you haven't signed up for the daily Guerrilla Lovers Challenges you  can be a part by texting "GUERRILLA" to 313131...cool stuff.
  • Be praying about how you can be a part of our food drive to benefit local food banks on December 19th...lets load at least one trailer for these guys!  Last year 17% of people in central Illinois experienced a food crisis and 32% had at least one week where they didn't have enough food available to feed their family that week!
  • Make sure you get your Christmas Eve tickets next Sunday!  We've got 500 or so seats available and already have over 350 gone!  Be praying about who you can invite!
  • Christmas Eve service is at 5pm on Christmas Eve at Tremont High School and you do not want to be late...trust me!
  • Lastly, be praying about what God is asking you to give as a part of our Guerrilla Lovers Offering on Christmas Eve...we're sending 1/3rd of the money to local community service organizations, another 1/3rd to global missions, and the final 1/3rd to our team that we're sending to plant a new church in Fishers, IN!  Let's give our biggest gift to Jesus this Christmas to impact the 67 and the 20 this Christmas!
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