• Pretty great day at BridgeWay today!
  • But seriously, when isn't it a great day at BridgeWay?
  • I'm loving this DREAM JOB series!
  • Every week of the series we've promoted a book that will help you to apply the message to your life.
  • I think we've sold out of every book we've promoted every week of the series.  
  • Today's book was "Live Your Calling"...all gone after first service!
  • The bands have just been killing it every week of this series!
  • Great worship set today, and a really cool version of Blind Melon's "Change"...complete with harmonica, slide guitar and mandolin!
  • I love music that makes you feel something, and Shannon Hoon's music certainly did that for me.
  • Not sure I ever thought we'd be doing it in church, but man it fit perfectly.
  • Pretty pumped for next Sunday's message on "What to do when you're in a job you hate"...that's not actually the name of the message, but it's the topic I'll be addressing...invite a friend.
  • Oh yeah and we're opening the service with a killer Rush song to boot...so don't be late!
  • Man the 9:30 service was packed today!
  • The extra hour of sleep from DST and an early Bears game is my guess for how that happened.
  • We had our largest non-Easter worship attendance today with 470+ in worship today...our volunteers are just nailing it every week...thanks for working so hard to see Jesus change so many!
  • Matt did a really great job of giving a 3D process for decision making and making job transitions today.  I'm sure he'll blog about it later, but some of my take-a-ways were:
  • I should make decisions in 3D rather than 1D or 2D.
  • 3D decision making means I "Look Up", "Look In", and "Look Out".
  • I'm pretty good at looking up and out, but not always so good at really looking inside before I make decisions.
  • Great tools on how to Pray, Fast, and Look In using the SHAPE tool...hope you picked one up today!
  • Challenged people who are looking at making big decisions to spend time in prayer and fasting, and for people who have friends who are making big decisions to pray and fast for their friends.
  • Really enjoying church at Tremont High School.
  • I miss the intimacy of the theater, but gotta say that the other improvements more than make up for the change.
  • We used a different chair layout today to try to make it a little more intimate and create better sight lines...I liked it...if you were there...what did you think?
  • Busy week this week with meetings everyday, and birthday parties this week...Brenna (our middle daughter) turns 8 on Thursday.  We share a birthday so it's kinda cool (also means I lost my birthday several years ago).
  • Got a pretty sweet early birthday present from Steph and the girls on Friday night...a custom University of Michigan cornhole set!  Awesome! (shout out to Jesse Miller for the great work)
  • Also loved the high scoring UofM vs Illini game on Saturday...and a Bears win today...wow!
  • Really great weekend!
  • Have a great one church!
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