Yesterday I posted Bad Reason #1 that people plant churches, and today's follow-up probably should have been Bad Reason #1.

Bad Reason #2 - Because You're Bitter

People plant churches for all kinds of reasons, but one of the worst is because they are planting out of bitterness or because the existing church just doesn't get it (and of course they do).

Often this happens when people become frustrated with the established church and out of bitterness they decide to start something new with people of "get it".  While sometimes their motive is about reaching people disconnected from the church, the danger is that they are driven to prove to the people who don't "get it" that they are/were wrong, and that the planter is/was right.

The problem here is that anything that is birthed out of bitterness, anger, or pride is fighting a loosing battle.  Jesus never promises to bless those type of attitudes.  In fact the work of the Holy Spirit is to eradicate these very things.

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