• I'm loving this series!
  • It's great to get to speak on a topic that is core to who I am and to who our church is...this is really the heart of our mission as a church...that God has a plan and purpose for our lives and we can know it!
  • The band absolutely killed BTO's "Takin Care of Business" to open both services!
  • Did I mention it's great to have Steve back singing after back surgery!  That guys was made for the kind of songs we've done the last couple weeks!
  • Also great to have Justin and Lorie Robins back on the stage too!
  • I've enjoyed the video bumpers that Jake and Nate have put together for this series...but I gotta tell you...DO NOT MISS the next 3 weeks...they are all beyond hilarious!
  • I love talking about God's purpose for our lives...some of my favorites from this morning were...
  • Happiness is a moving target.
  • Happiness is the sedative we use to numb the pain that comes from being disconnected from God and God's purposes in the world.
  • I've never met a person, who was living God's purpose for their life, who said, "I just want to be happy."
  • Four places we try to find purpose that leave us wanting more: Projects, Possessions, Power, and Pleasure.
  • Until you root your purpose in relationship to God and God's purposes in the world you'll always feel frustrated.
  • The purpose of your work is not PROFIT, it is PEOPLE.
  • People are the only thing in this world that are eternal, everything else will eventually cease to exist.
  • If you want your life to count invest it in making an eternal impact in the life of people.
  • Four P's for discovering your purpose: Population, Place, Problem, and Process.
  • Population - who has God called you to reach?
  • Place - where has God called you to do it?
  • Problem - what problem that has resulted from the fall has God called you to solve?
  • Process - how are you going to bring your gifting to bear on the other three questions?
  • Excited to announce that we'll be meeting in Tremont at the High School for at least the next year!
  • We were maxed at about 400 people at the Theater, but this opens the door for us to reach around 800 people!
  • Much better environment for our children and for people to connect after worship.
  • Excited to announce a new initiative called "Git R Done" this morning...we're challenging people to make a commitment to help us "Git R Done" in reaching people in Tazewell county, relocating to Tremont, and caring for our set-up/tear-down teams.
  • I love our Set-Up and Tear-Down guys and gals!
  • They make about 70 trips each to get our equipment in and out of the building...as a part of "Git R Done" we'll be building them road cases for all of the gear and get it down to around 25 trips!  Want to make this happen before the snow starts flying!
  • Excited to see so many new people the past few weeks...got dinner tonight with a few of them...fun stuff!
  • Have a great week church...I'm honored and humbled to get to be your pastor!
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