Today was a great start to our 3rd God at the Movies series!

First time we've run it in the summer. Usually we do it in January or right after Easter, but putting in the summer is a great way to connect with people in a time of year when we usually struggle to connect.

Awesome job by our volunteers taking it to a whole new level for this year's God at the Movies!

Some of the things we did to create a great experience for people today included: movie characters greeting people at the door, epic movie theme music playing in the lobby and halls, fresh popcorn, and God at the Movies BridgeWay t-shirts for our Guest Services team!

It was surreal to see Darth Vader on the stage for the welcome today...thanks Zack!

The additions really helped us kick it up a notch this year!

I used the movie "2012" to talk about what Jesus says about the end of the world.

While not a great movie, it was a great springboard into Jesus' teaching in Matthew 24 & 25!

The band did a stellar job covering REM's "It's the End of the World as We Know It"! They also made a hilarious change to the lyrics regarding your's truly and a cat.

The message seemed to really connect at 9:30, and between the two services we saw 4 people make 1st time decisions to follow Jesus! Another 20-25 made recommitments!

Just a great Sunday!

Also, we announced our upcoming Family Night at Splashdown event! We've rented out Splashdown for all night on Monday, August 2nd and have the entire place to ourselves! There are 1,200 FREE tickets available and we're expecting a full house! Get your tickets any Sunday in July, and invite a bunch of friends!

Kids Camp is this week, so be sure to be praying for all the kids who will be at camp and all the spiritual decisions that will be made!

Have a great week church!

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