• Finished out our 'Til Death series on marriage today...great times of worship at both services.
  • Steph taught with me today for the first time ever...and did really well too!  
  • We answered several questions from the congregation, and also taught on how to protect your marriage.  If you missed it you should check it out online later this week. 
  • Different vibe to our services this morning...we set up the trouble with a funky song called "It's Because of Me" by Robert Cray...really strong picture of the impact of not protecting a marriage.
  • The band tore that song up by the way.
  • Getting pumped for our Healer series which starts this coming Sunday!  If you know anyone in need of experiencing healing (either emotional, or physical) this is the series to get them to!
  • Had a great time with a couple of planter and re-planter couples who were in town for the services today.  Praying for you guys up in Rockford and in Fishers!
  • Still time to sign-up or just show up for our blood drive tomorrow at the Ministry Center from 3pm to 7pm!
  • Hope you all have a great week!
  • Don't miss next Sunday!
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