• Today was the 5 year anniversary of BridgeWay! What an amazing 5 years it has been!
• We’ve seen over 370 people give their lives to Christ…7 more today! Yup…that never gets old.
• At set-up this morning we had 18 people there and only 4 of us were there for the Grand Opening 5 years ago!
• We did some cool stuff creatively with the service today.
• We continued our ‘Til Death marriage series, and I taught on “Partnership”.
• Some of my favorite lines from the day:
• Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to Alaska makes you an Eskimo.
• Marriage isn’t about your happiness, it’s about your holiness. Happiness is a byproduct of holiness.
• Godly leadership isn’t about micromanaging your family, it’s about pointing the way to Christ for them.
• Yes, we did do another country song today…the end of the world must be near!
• Side note…I love my wife!
• She’ll be teaching with me next week as we answer questions from the congregation on marriage…got some great questions over the last couple weeks.
• The first week of this series I challenged the congregation to make God their #1 priority and their spouse their #2…one way I did this was to fast Facebook & Twitter for Lent.
• No doubt fasting Twitter has been tougher than I thought, but really good.
• Last night we went to Celebrate Recovery for the Unspoken concert (great band by the way), and there was a moment when God was really speaking to me and I went to twitter about it, and stopped and just focused on just listening to God in the moment…awesome!
• I’m writing this from a few thousand miles up, somewhere between Bloomington & Atlanta…our team is headed to Mountain Lake Church for the Velocity conference put on by churchplanters.com.
• It’s an awesome event, and I’m pumped about everything that we’re going to learn and how God is going to use it to lead us to the next level!
• God’s definitely on the move at BridgeWay…we’ve seen between 400-450 people every week for the last month and people accepting Christ every week…Greater Things!
• I’ll try to live blog my reflections from Velocity tomorrow and Tuesday since I’m not Twittering…fasting Twitter during a conference is going to be wicked tough!
• Have a great week church!
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