• I really feel like we're in the middle of some amazing days in the life of our church...every series seems to be connecting to very real needs within our congregation.
  • We kicked off a new series on marriage called 'Til Death today.
  • I've never done a whole series on marriage, but if this morning is any indication of what's going to happen over the next 3 weeks...it's gonna be a great month!
  • We saw over 100 couples commit to take a 7 day challenge to begin praying together as a couple for the next 7 days!  
  • Couples that pray together daily reduce their odds of divorce from 54% to 10%...wow!
  • Saw dozens of singles commit to make God the #1 priority in their lives and to keep him there.
  • God did some amazing things this morning...at the end of both services, dozens of people responded with a decision to either renew their relationship with Christ or begin one...I believe it was over 70 people!
  • Embarrassing moment of the day for me was when I saw about 40+ hands go up at the end of the 9:30 service choosing to follow Christ...I had expected 4 or 5...I was so blown away that under my breathe I said, "oh my gosh!"...way to have faith Dale...way to have faith.
  • Great worship set today...I love the song "Came to My Rescue"!
  • Had a blast teaching today...I might have been a little over the top on the humor...but it was fun.
  • It was really a great weekend at BridgeWay...record attendance today around 450 again...and an awesome night of celebration and baptism last night with 10 people going public with their faith through baptism! 
  • I loved getting to meet so many great new people, and hear the stories of people who've had their lives changed at BridgeWay over the last few months!
  • Looking forward to the next three weeks.
  • A couple of other cool things...
  • Every week of this series we'll be giving away a FREE Marriage Encounter Weekend to a couple in the church who was at church on Sunday.
  • And then the last week of the series Steph is going to be teaching with me and we'll be answering your questions about marriage and family life and talking about how we protect our marriage...feel free to leave your questions on the blog in the comments, send us an email, or write them on a communication card on a Sunday.
  • Also looking forward to the start of our LifeGroup semester this week.
  • Getting ready to go watch the Superbowl with some friends so gotta cut this short...
  • My pick...Colts - 34 Saints - 31.
  • Have a great one!
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