Today Mark Batterson had a short little post about an upcoming vision series and fast he is leading his church through. He titled it, "Vision Fast"...that title got me thinking. 

I think too many of us fast vision.  We simply stop consuming God's vision for our lives.

How many churches have been doing business as usual...worship, Sunday school, youth ministry, children's ministry, missions...and fasting vision?

How many individuals have been settling for working in a job to just pay the bills, and fasting vision?

How many marriages have been staying together for the kids or economic reasons, and fasting vision?

How many teenagers have been following the crowd, and fasting vision?

What would happen if we'd actually fast from mediocrity and step up the fliet mignon of God's vision for our churches, our families and our lives?

What vision for your life, your church, or your family have you been fasting from?
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