• Awesome close to our Life. Money. Hope. series today!
  • Dave Ramsey is stinking hilarious...and a great communicator on biblical financial management.
  • Excited by how many people are planning on signing up for Financial Peace University...it starts tomorrow night!
  • Great time with our set-up crew this morning before worship...we had the biggest group ever for set-up this morning...props to you all for coming out at 6:30am to set up...brought some donuts with me for the guys this morning...I really do appreciate what you guys do!
  • Got to meet so many new people today...must have met 40-50 new people today!
  • The band was great as usual, but I really missed Dave's bass at 9:30...his battery was dead and so no bass until the last song...bummer...but 11:00 was just off the charts good.
  • Yes we did do "Money Talks" to open the service...yup...what you do with your money speaks volumes about your priorities.
  • HUGE SHOUT OUT to my friend Scott Sherwood and his church Bloomington First Church of the Nazarene!  They gave out $5,000 two weeks ago and told their congregation to bring it back today and bring an increase in some way (you may have seen the story on the news).  Anyway, God brought some serious increase!  Last I heard they brought in over $37,000 for Haiti Earthquake relief today!  
  • Loved getting to spend some time with a bunch of new people at BridgeWay after worship at our biggest All About BridgeWay Lunch ever!  I think we had over 60 people there between kids and adults!  Almost everyone took a step to connect to a LifeGroup or begin Volunteering!
  • Biggest non-holiday crowd ever for us today with nearly 450 people in worship...just about out of space at 11am...if you attend the 11am, would you think about attending the 9:30 to free some seats up?  
  • Next Sunday we kick off a 4 week series on marriage called 'Til Death...this is a great series to invite someone to attend with you!
  • We're working on a plan to open up some seats by Easter!  Got to do it if we're going to have room for continued growth.
  • Have a great week...and bring someone with you next Sunday!
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  1. Anonymous
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2010/01/sunday-night-reflections_31.html?showComment=1264983081355#c6630962623880331310'> 18:11

    It was a great day today Dale, hats off to you & then entire staff for every thing you do !!! I'll be on vaca for the next week so I'll see you the 21st ! Thanks again for your help on Saturday, appreciate it ! Blessings, Jill


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