What I liked about this weekend:
* The second week of our Simple Christmas series was great!
* I loved talking about how we could worship Jesus fully this Christmas by preparing, pursuing, prioritizing, and presenting.
* Getting to talk about how guys will do crazy things to pursue what's important to them...how often do you get to call people out for dumping deer urine on themselves...all you guys who get up at 3am to go shoot Bambi know what I'm talking about.
* The real question is...what are you doing to pursue Jesus this Christmas?
* The worship band was stellar as always...great closing time of worship after the message in both services.
* It was great to have Nate up front again...it'd been awhile...he, Connie, and our volunteers do a great job with our student ministry - Switch!
* We had a ton of people who made commitments to give their lives to Jesus Christ this Christmas! (Romans 12:1)
* Getting a Facebook message from one of our teens last night that they had raise $37 so far for Living Water our Advent Conspiracy partner...getting some really cool stories of how families and individuals are going to be a part of this great project!
* People continuing to be faithful to their commitments to honor God through the Tithe Challenge! So excited to see how God is honoring them for their obedience...another 2 great stories just this last week.
* Heard that we will have our podcast on iTunes in the next week or two! Awesome! Great work Rick!
* Having Ron Scarlett give us about $1,200 in road cases for sound equipment that they couldn't use at his church...thank Ron.
* Loved getting to speak at a men's retreat for my buddy Jesse Bartz over at Real Life Church in Pekin (Marquette Heights actually).
* Really enjoyed catching some Texas Roadhouse with my family after church on Sunday!
* I told Steph that I expected to be shot after talking for 2 hours at the men's retreat on Saturday, and then preaching twice on Sunday, but I had a ton of energy and felt great after church!
* I think it's the result of making some pretty big changes over the last couple of weeks.
* I've started going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 5:30am...and spending the first half hour of my day in Scripture and prayer, then about 30-45 minutes on the treadmill or doing some strength conditioning...the regular sleep hours (I had been going to bed around midnight most nights), the exercise, and the regular quiet time (I had been doing that in the office first thing...but you know how that goes sometimes) have all really started to make a difference.
* I had to add a new hole to my belt this morning! That always makes you feel good...at least when it's in the right direction!
* Enjoyed making Christmas cards with the family last night for family, friends, and several military men stationed overseas...it was a great time!

What I didn't like this weekend:
* Spelling errors in one of our video clips...yuck!
* Having Matt out on vacation! Seriously, those errors wouldn't have happened with that guy around...glad he got to be gone though...he and his family deserved it.
* Forgetting to send our the LifeGroup questions for our Sunday night groups! Ouch...again, did I mention I missed having Matt around.
* Attending the funeral of a giant of the faith...Jim Green...over in Canton on Thursday. What a great worship leader and man of God...they don't make them like Jim anymore. It was definitely bittersweet.
* Missing my day off last week...yuck...it was just one of those weeks.
* It wasn't until this morning, but the snow could stay away until Christmas Day and I'd be fine with that.
* Shaved off my goatee this morning...haven't had a naked chin for 7 years...probably will be another 7 before it happens again.

What I'm looking forward to this week:
* Having a daddy daughter breakfast with Brenna on Friday morning!
* Seeing how families decide to participate in Advent Conspiracy!
* Getting to preach this Sunday on "Spending Less"...wise financial management is something that I always love getting to teach on.
* A normal week, and hopefully getting to do some longer range planning and reading that I've not had time to do lately.
* Seeing you on Sunday for worship!
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