• Somewhat of a crazy day today.
  • Great worship experiences in both Morton & Pekin.
  • We were in week 3 of No Perfect People in Morton today, and I preached on how God grows us as imperfect people. Here's a clue it involves Jesus.
  • I felt like the 9:30 experience was a little flat...not sure why just didn't quite feel like a normal week.
  • The 11am experience was off the charts though!
  • So proud of our band today (especially Bill) you guys take it to another level nearly every week. Can't tell you how much we appreciate your dedication and hard work.
  • Same goes to all of our children's and set up crew members who serve every week!
  • Saw a ton of new people this week in Morton, and Matt said he saw about 10 new families in Pekin!
  • Sounds like we had just about 400 people worship with us between our two campuses...that's really encouraging as we're moving into the fall ministry season...God is definitely on the move!
  • Earlier this year we felt like God was challenging us to see over 2oo people give their lives to Jesus at BridgeWay this year...it looks like we might have aimed too low on that one!
  • Had some technical trouble with the audio in the message during runthrough in Pekin today, but got it all sorted out!
  • Found out this afternoon that we had audio trouble in our recording from today's message and had to pull a MacGuyver to get it all worked out.
  • Watched the Bears pull one out against the Steelers today! Go Bears!
  • Finishing up some post production on some video work, and watching the Cowboys/Giants game!
  • Have a great week church!
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