• I'm still trying to take in everything that happened today at BridgeWay.
  • As usual it was a great day at BridgeWay, but today was unusually good.
  • We decided at about 8am to move the worship portion of BBQ and Baptisms inside to the Morton Cinemas to avoid the rain that was headed our way...and it was a good call because it rained pretty hard right around 11am.
  • All I can say about worship today is that if you missed it...you really missed it!
  • The energy in worship today was off the charts...spontaneous clapping, cheering, and celebrating...off the charts!
  • The band was stellar...really a whole notha level today!
  • It was great to hear from our Mission Team to Guatemala...great stories!
  • It was also powerful commission our Pekin Campus Launch Team to go to Pekin for their grand opening next weekend...who are you going to invite?
  • Did I mention the band was off the charts...and the song "So Long" was especially good!
  • Also got to dedicate 4 beautiful children today from 4 great families! I always get teared up when I get to do that!
  • Following worship the storm cleared and we were able to head out to the park for BBQ and Baptisms! Rain or Shine ya'll!
  • A special shout out to all of our volunteers today! Children's workers, set up and tear down crews, food crew, baptism crew, greeter crew, cafe crew, bands, and everyone else I forgot...I am constantly reminded of how AWESOME our volunteer leaders are at BridgeWay...this is your church!
  • The food was great and fun was definitely had by all.
  • Baptisms were a true celebration!
  • So many powerful moments in baptism that I can't cover them all here...I just want to scream in joy when i think about what God is doing at our church!
  • We baptized right at 36 people today!
  • That's over 80 people baptized at BridgeWay in the last 12 months! Wow!
  • Just a couple of final shout outs to some people who went over and above to make this weekend happen: Kevin Grose & Michael Dorsey for all their work on the pool, staging, power, and equipment....wow! Mike Lyons and his family (both biological & CR) for doing a great job with the food! You guys definitely went all out.
  • Did I mention I love getting to be a part of what God is doing here!
  • Can't wait for next Sunday! No Perfect People...invite someone...or a bunch of someones!
  • Have a great Labor Day!
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