* Good morning at BridgeWay today.
* If you havn't heard...we're calling the church to 28 Days of Prayer through the end of May! More on this later.
* Did some heavy philosophical lifting today regarding the existence of God.
* If you're looking for a great book that discusses issues of belief and skepticism...check out Tim Keller's "The Reason for God". You can get it on Amazon used for under $14.
* The presence of God was tangible during both worship experiences today...great time of worship.
* I didn't feel quite right in either service...I've been on the road the last two weeks 4 out of 5 days and was feeling the unusual schedule today...thankfully it's back to normal for the next month!
* Great All About BridgeWay Lunch today!
* I believe we had around 17 adults in attendance at the lunch...great time sharing the history, mission and vision of the church.
* Matt did a great job teaching the class...I got to sit back and meet people which was nice...but I still insisted on doing the history part of the class.
* Had another great crowd today...we're now consistently averaging over 350 in worship weekly...very exciting to see all the new people getting connected.
* Missed our softball game tonight so I could go to Helena's school choir concert...it was worth it...and I heard our team won too!
* Very excited about our 28 Days of Prayer initiative that we kicked off this weekend!
* 28 Days of Prayer has 3 parts:
1. Pray (be sure to pick up a prayer guide next Sunday or in the office this week...I'll also be posting it on my blog tomorrow)
2. Scripture (we'll be reading through the book of Acts together...reading one chapter a day...so we started in Acts 1 today)
3. Fasting (we're encouraging everyone to give up something they enjoy for the next 28 days to make room for the presence of God in their life)
* I'll be blogging my reflections on our scripture reading daily on my blog...Matt will also be blogging his thoughts on his blog.
* Looking forward to interacting with everyone over the next 28 days!
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