* Happy Mother's Day mom!
* That's right she gets the first blog love of the day.
* Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife Steph too! Thanks for being a great mom to our three girls.
* I'm never quite sure what to expect on Mother's Day at BridgeWay.
* In most churches Mother's Day is a big day, but in church plants it's usually a little light because people are going to church with their mothers at their mom's churches....so we're usually down in attendance on Mother's Day.
* This year was different...new faces everywhere and 403 in worship...that's crazy compared to where we were just one year ago...God is on the move.
* Today was the last week of our God at the Movies series and we closed out with a pretty intense set list and message on living heroic lives.
* The band's set list was off great: Dangerous by decembradio; Let God Arise by Tomlin; Son of God by Starfield; The Love of God by Mercy Me; and My Hero by Foo Fighters...we closed the service with My Hero and a video montage from The Passion of the Christ...powerful.
* I preached a pretty strong message on living heroic lives modeled after the life of Christ.
* People are looking for heroes, and the church should be full of the most heroic people.
* Too many people settle for talking about what "should" be, rather than helping to bring about what "could" be.
* Heroes have a propensity to take action...the only thing that separates heroes from bystanders is that heroes take action.
* Most people take far to long to act, and by the time they do it's usually too late...this is also true of churches.
* Too many churches today are making changes in 2009 that should have been made in 1989...not only true of churches, but true of individuals, businesses, and non-profits too...hmmm.
* When heroes act they had better be prepared to be misunderstood...Jesus went from being a hero to being misunderstood and crucified in 24 hours.
* Most of us live mediocre lives because we don't want to be crucified...hmmm...let that one sink in.
* Love this quote from Erwin McManus, "Jesus died the most heroic death in history, so we could live our most heroic lives for humanity."
* Okay, I'd better stop...I'm preaching here.
* Exciting week coming up...2009-2010 sermon planning on Tuesday, worship team interviews and creative planning on Tuesday too...Leadership Team planning and meeting Wednesday...POPS in Bloomington and Celebrate Life at Olivet on Thursday, Celebrate Life at Olivet on Friday and Saturday, and then worship on Sunday...Using Monday to prepare to kick the rest of the week in the tail.
* Also really excited about kicking off a new series next Sunday called "Hostage"...we'll be talking about how to be set free from past hurts...bring someone with you who's dealing with pain the hurts of life...I promise you will not regret it!
* One last thing has me pretty excited and that is Celebrate Recovery which is kicking off in just 2 weeks...look out...we're going to make a major impact for the kingdom with this one.
* Okay seriously one last thing I'm excited about...we're down to 21 days in our 28 Days of Prayer initiative...how are you doing...we're reading through Acts, fasting, and praying...I'll share my thoughts on Acts chapter 9 tomorrow!
* Have a great week BridgeWay!
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  1. Michele
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2009/05/sunday-night-reflections.html?showComment=1242136800000#c4821103613926538788'> 09:00

    Mother's day message was powerful. My oldest son Brandon, his girlfriend Savanah, and my two grandchildren came to church with me. I know Brandon was trying to keep Jalynn quiet, but he heard the message and when the band began to play "Hero" I saw his eyes light up......and then concentrate on the video. Amazing.

    I have also continued to turn down chocolate....a little hard but I can do it for God......I need to pray more....I fing Acts very interesting.


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