• Last week of our Mythbusters series.
  • I preached on the myth that "God wants you happy."
  • It's not that God doesn't want you happy, as much as what we think will make us happy often isn't what God's will is for us.
  • When we see God's primary goal as our personal happiness, we reduce God to a cosmic Coke machine or a mechanic that exists to fix our problems.
  • It also leads us to worship God for what he can DO for us, rather than for WHO he IS, and what he has already DONE.
  • I preached two pretty different messages today. I felt like my message at 9 was pretty good, but the message at 11 what of a different caliber...lots of good tension in the room at 11.
  • The band was flawless today!
  • Loved the new song Rhonda sang today! "Revelation Song" by Keri Jobe...powerful.
  • I take that back...I loved everything about it except the goofy line about "rainbows"...seriously, I'm a guy..."rainbows"? Gotta change that lyric.
  • Chuck did a great job closing both services with an original song he wrote called "Something Different"...again at 11 it was off the charts.
  • Loved seeing all our volunteers stepping up after worship to help tear down and load everything we usually leave at the theater up into trailers for next week's Easter worship at the Pekin Theater.
  • Don't forget: We will NOT be at the Morton Theater next week!
  • Show up in Morton and you'll be by yourself.
  • Two Easter worship times next week: 9am and 11am!
  • Operation Egg Drop will go down at 10:30am sharp! Don't be late!
  • Killer prizes this year: Wii, iPod touches, and Leapsters...fun stuff!
  • Be sure to invite at least 3 people/families to join you for Easter!
  • We have room for up to 1,000 people to join us! Let's fill the place up!
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We'll be kicking off a brand new series next Sunday called "God at the Movies"!
  • This is our best attended series of the year, so get your friends here!
  • I'll be preaching the Easter story in a way I guarantee you've never seen before!
  • Can't wait to see you, your friends and family next Sunday!
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