• Great start to our new series "SOUL CRAVINGS".
  • I think that everyone has certain soul cravings and this weeks theme of peace seemed to hit home...especially during the 11:00 worship experience.
  • I don't know what it was but things seemed a little off in the 9:30 worship experience this morning.
  • I had a hard time feeling like I was connecting at 9:30, but things just seemed to flow at 11:00.
  • Lots of people responded when asked if there was a sin barrier that needed to be removed in their life...blown away by the honesty and authenticity of our people...love that!
  • The band was great at both 9:30 and 11:00!
  • Lots of rockin' music this week...a whole Crowder set with: Sing Like the Saved, You Alone, and Undignified...had a handful of people checkin' us out from other churches today...you can always tell because they just kind of look at you like, "are you serious".
  • The band absolutely tore up the Altarbridge tune "Brand New Start"...Chuck's voice is perfect for their stuff.
  • The wall that we put up also threw some people (and me as well)...it was a great picture of the barrier that sin creates between us and God and us and others.  Thanks to James Flannigan for thrown down some crazy graffiti work.
  • Also a big shout out to Jeff Dill, Michael Dorsey and Matt Robinson for getting the wall moved and then set back up the right way...looked great guys.
  • It was a 4 day holiday weekend for most of the area schools so we had lots of regulars out, but still had around 290 in worship...and a lot of guests back from last week's Party in the Park.
  • My Bears are really up and down...they looked pretty good today...Orton looked really good and Forte looks like he's the real deal.  No way they should have given up a 35 yrd pass with 6 seconds left to set up that field goal.
  • Don't even talk to me about the Wolverines...maybe by next year I'll want to talk college football again.
  • Had fun at the Pumpkin Farm with Steph and the girls this afternoon...very difficult to get Brenna or Mia to pick a pumpkin and stick with their choice...must have had 7-8 different pumpkins in the waggon before we got the final two they wanted.
  • Looking forward to going to United Marriage Encounter with Steph next weekend.  I believe in taking time for your spouse and your marriage and want to model that for our church as well as my children.
  • Have a great week!
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