Sunday I shared a list called "The ABCs of Sins God's Love Covers"...obviously this was not a complete list, but was designed to help people realize that God's love covers all of our sins (with a few extra ones thrown in for good measure)...even the ones seem unforgivable.

The ABCs of Sins God's Love Covers
A: Anger, Atheism, Adultery, Abuse, Abortion, Alcohol Abuse, Arrogance, Addiction
B: Backbitting, Bitterness, Boasting
C: Complaining, Condemning, Carnality, Coveting, Cursing, & Country Music
D: Debts, Deception, Drug Abuse, Disobedience, Division, Divorce
E: Egoism, Envy, Extortion, and even Ex-fans of New Kids on the Block
F: Fear, Foolishness, Faultfinding, Faithlessness, Forgetting to put the meat on my Big Mac Friday night at McDonalds.
G: Gluttony, Gossip
H: Hatred, Hypocrisy, Harsh Words
I: Idleness, Idolatry, and Imprudence
J: Jealousy, Judgmentalism
K: Killing
L: Lies, Laziness, Lust, and even Lighting the trash can in the men’s restroom on fire when you were in college (not that I’d know anything about that)

I think you get the picture!
If I didn’t get to your sin…trust me…it’s covered!

" covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8
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