At a meeting today with a bunch of pastors I asked for them to share a funny story from their ministry situation.  This one was simply too good to pass up retelling here.

"So I was at my first pastorate and was approached by a man named Sam in our church regarding a question he had for me.  I met Sam at my house and asked him what was on his mind. Sam responded that he had been reading in Acts and wondered if I could explain to him what a "eunuch" was.  I responded that I didn't know, but would find out.  

After reading a couple of commentaries I quickly found out what a "eunuch" was (you can find out here if you don't know).  I went on to explain to Sam what a "eunuch" was.  After a long awkward silence Sam looked at me and said, 'Pastor, I think God might be calling me to be a eunuch.'

A few months later, Sam approached me again.  This time he was clearly depressed and went on to explain that he was so depressed that he was driving around with a gun in his car.  Not knowing what to say, I said the first thing that came to my mind..."I think I'd keep a gun in the car too if I thought God was calling me to be a eunuch!"

True story...funny stuff....(btw...Sam got over his depression)

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