• Great response to week 1 of "The Elephant in the Church". Lots of really good feedback from people, both who have been turned off by legalism, and those who are dealing with some legalistic tendencies.
  • The 9:30 worship experience was slammed this morning. Lot's of new people and people who wanted to get to church before kickoff.
  • The 11:00 worship experience was about average, but seemed low with all the people in the 9:30.
  • Still had 298 in worship today. That's 138 more people than the same weekend last year. I'm still blown away every week at what God is doing at BridgeWay!
  • Our leadership team was thinking we might be at 300 by Christmas, but it looks like that was off by a few months.
  • Loved the marketing for this series. Check out the website for this series at Elephant in the Church. We had 1,000 invite cards and only about 30 of them are left!
  • Great worship set today! Really thought Brit did a great job with the Jennifer Knapp tune.
  • Definitely made some people uncomfortable today when I brought up some issues that are pretty big no-no's to talk about in a lot of churches.
  • Speaking of uncomfortable...we'll be talking about Sex next week...PG-13 message...also one you do not want to miss. If you have a teenager, are single, or simply breathing you will want to make it a priority to be at BridgeWay next Sunday!
  • Matt has done a great job organizing our Small Groups at BridgeWay. Tonight was our first Connection Group meeting. 4 new groups...and about 40 new people in groups!
  • Connection groups were great...got to meet several new people, and our group enjoyed getting together...there's still time to get into a Small Group...e-mail Matt to get signed up.
  • Took the girls to the park with Tim Hood and his kids this afternoon while our wives went shopping...yes that's right...real men go to the park with their kids without their wives!
  • Are you ready for some football! This guys is...in fact I'm watching the Bears beat up on the Colts right about now...halftime...Bears 15 - Colts 6.
  • Taking the day off tomorrow. Going fishing. Throwing some plastic. Playing with my girls. And watching some Monday Night Football.
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