• Just woke up from about a much needed 2 hour nap....I love naps!
  • Great morning at BridgeWay today! Last Sunday of ONE PRAYER series. Got to cast the vision for us being an extremely generous church. Receive a large offering for starting churches in Asia and feeding families in Africa.
  • There should be no question in people's minds that BridgeWay is about giving to others, not about keeping for ourselves.
  • Raise $2,431.33 for ONE PRAYER Offering! If every church in ONE PRAYER raise at least that we'd plant 700+ churches and feed about 600,000 people!
  • We're one of the small ONE PRAYER churches...so look out...I think God just did something huge!
  • Loved the feedback people gave on the ONE PRAYER evaluation survey...not one negative comment about video teaching, and everyone thought they'd like to do a similar series again! It's likely that this was just the beginning of some kind of annual coming together of churches across denominational lines! Very cool to be on the leading edge of this!
  • Excited about our next series "Get Smart" that starts next week...it's all about discovering basic biblical principles for guiding our daily living...should be very good!
  • I'll be leading worship next week...it's kind of become a July 4th weekend tradition and should be a lot of fun.
  • Getting ready to leave for Family Camp at Manville Campground tomorrow...this is busy season for Steph's job so be praying that she has strength and energy she needs for the next few weeks!
  • Just got done showing Helena and a few of her friends up on Guitar Hero 3! I love laying the smackdown on a few teenagers...I think it's the former youth pastor in me.
  • A ton of our worship guys will be at Cornerstone Festival this next week and weekend...have fun guys...you'll be missed!
  • Tear down was really tough this week...we had a lot of people gone...if you're interested in helping tear down or able to on a weekly basis...would you consider joining the team!
  • Getting ready to watch a little Lost and help Steph pack for everything she has to do this week!
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