Days like today are why we started BridgeWay!
  • I love doing this Q and A series. Great questions. Lots of fun...and some serious life change happening in our congregation.
  • I had a lot of fun team teaching with Matt today. We'll be doing that every week of the Q and A series...should be a good time.
  • If we don't answer your question during Q & A, there's a good chance that we answered it in last year's series. Be sure to request a CD of last year's Q&A series if you're looking for the answer to questions like: How do I Discipline my child? What does the Bible say about divorce? What about dancing? Tattoos & Piercings? Why bad things happen to good people? And many others.
  • The band took it to a whole notha' level today during the 11am worship experience! Seriously, great job leading us into God's presence.
  • God was really working on people today. He was speaking through both the music and the message. Really strong sense of God moving throughout both services.
  • We had 8 people pray to receive Christ today! That's what we're all about BridgeWay!
  • It was exciting to see how many people raised their hands to begin volunteering at BridgeWay! I think we gave away between 10 and 15 SHAPE assessments between the two services and the Connect Class today.
  • Speaking of the Connect Class, enjoyed getting to know a couple of new families at BridgeWay after church today!
  • Lots of Graduation parties today, man graduation season kills our attendance...we had 211 people in worship, which was up over the last year...but we must have had 70+ regular attenders out today.
  • One of the families that was out was Dennis & Lynn Franks...they are currently in Russia finalizing the adoption of their new son! Be praying for the adoption, their travels and their three kids back home.

Worship Set:

"Everybody Praise the Lord" - Lincoln Brewster

"Here is Our King" - David Crowder Band

"Victorious" - Steve Fee

"Shout Unto God" - Hillsong United

"I Wait for the Lord" - Jeremy Camp

Q & A Questions:

1. Can someone who's never heard of Jesus go to heaven?

2. What do I do when I believe it, but don't feel it?

3. What talents can God use?

4. What are my talents?

5. Can I lose my salvation?

6. How do I know God?

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