Here's some of what I'm thinking tonight:
• Happy Mother's Day Steph! You’re a great mother to our 3 girls!
• I loved preaching our recent series "The Real Jesus".
• I really enjoyed preaching about God's Authority in our lives today. Very few things get me as excited as helping people to understand the importance of living their lives under God’s authority.
• Several people encouraged me to never dance again...pretty sure I'll be taking their advice.
• I'm really excited about kicking off our "Q & A" Series next week.
• I'm also excited that Matt will be sharing some of the teaching with me.
• Also, really getting pumped for the next series called "One Prayer". We will be partnering with over 1,000 churches from around the world. Praying the same prayer for the church and sharing the same messages with our congregations…can’t wait to tell you more about this.
• Man am I embarrassed! I did it again today. In the 11am service I threw out a statistic that I had read in my preparation, but failed to give it correctly and looked completely stupid. Anyway the correct statistic is that people, on average, make over 80 decisions ever minute (not 800 as I said in the service)…maybe someday I’ll learn to actually write down stuff I think I might use.
• I’ll post Sunday’s info tomorrow sometime.
• Right now I’m going to kiss my girl’s mother goodnight and hit the hay.
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  1. Matt'> 09:51

    Dude, I was wondering about that 800 decisions a minute thing. That had me thinking for about 10 minutes after you said that in service!


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