Isaiah 42: 16b
"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them..."

This morning I asked people to share their prayer requests about the "unfamiliar paths" they were preparing to walk down. Here are those requests...let me know you're praying with me by leaving a comment below!

Prayer Requests:
  • Guidance in finances and house repairs.
  • Communication in our family.
  • Guidance in raising our teenage daughter.
  • Guidance and wise decisions for my daughter's family and her.
  • Relief from severe headaches and dizziness, which has affected my ability to complete my school work.
  • Strength to handle physical changes due to health.
  • Recovering from surgery and ability to parent while recovering.
  • Weight loss - food addiction.
  • Parenting two children, and maintaining life balance.
  • That God would never let me go.
  • 2 daughters of close friends recently expelled from school, one with 4 week old baby...pray for direction and motivation to finish education.
  • Finding the right job after losing a great job of 27 years.
  • Guidance in my relationship.
  • God's direction in communicating with my grandson and granddaughter's mother.
  • Dave Harms, waiting on a liver transplant.
  • Carol, dealing with Lou Gehrig disease.
  • Scott, many interviews this week.
  • Aaron, health and job future.
  • Aaron's mother and father, sister and niece as they navigate very difficult times.
  • My family.
  • Friday, I will have an operation to remove part of my cervix, because of pre-cancer...I'm young and this is a very hard thing and time.
  • Dealing with feelings of rejection.
  • Seeking to pay for our daughter's college education with as little debt as possible.
  • Custody litigation, pray for strength and God's direction.
  • Loss of a long-term relationship.
  • Loneliness.
  • Healing of emotional hurts.
  • Job direction.

Thanks for praying church!

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  1. Anonymous'> 12:27

    We're praying for these needs! Hope to hear how God answers some of these!


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