I attended the Related Leaders event at Riverside Church in Peoria yesterday. The speaker for the day was Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church. His topic for the day was preaching to post-moderns...although I'm not sure he really got around to that issue directly. Here are some of my thoughts on the day:

* In his first session he gave 6 framing questions for preaching a passage. I really like these questions, even if most of them were things I'd heard before...It was good to be reminded of them. Here they are:

1. What does the Scripture say?

2. What does it mean?

3. What makes this sticky? (what's the hook)

4. What are the objections people will have?

5. Why does this matter?

6. How is Jesus the hero?

* I really liked the point he made on meditating, memorizing, praying and applying a passage to my own life before I go any further in my message preparation.

* Also really liked the challenge to find the hook that will make the message memorable.

* I think his point on addressing objections was really important in preaching to post-moderns.

* His 2nd and 3rd sessions were really nothing more than Atonement 101. He gave an overview of 11 different theories of the Atonement...which came from a sermon series he had preached the prior year. Good stuff to be reminded of...but not great stuff for a day likes this.

* Mark did do a good job of giving specific application of the various theories of atonement within the context of counseling situations. Some good stories.

* The Q&A session was quite good. He addressed: Alcohol, Pre-Marital Counseling, Marijuana use, Technology and the arts, as well as clearly avoided questions regarding his view on women in ministry.

Overall it was a good day that God used to speak to, challenge, and frustrate me.

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2 Response to 'Related Leaders at Riverside Reflections'

  1. evan
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/02/related-leaders-at-riverside.html?showComment=1201884720000#c1726007422149905267'> 10:52

    i was also there.
    im not so sure he hit the sweet spot.
    but overall, it was worth the day trip.


  2. Dale
    http://daleschaeffer.blogspot.com/2008/02/related-leaders-at-riverside.html?showComment=1201892160000#c1613595813372674508'> 12:56

    Yeah, it was definitely not what I had expected, and there's a lot of stuff I disagree with Mark on...but I had a good time with our staff and it provoked some good discussion at lunch and on the way home.

    I'd have liked to see more on the preaching and less on the Theology 101 in 2 hours.


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